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Frag Remover (5 points)
Remove sua skull e todos os seus frags On-line!
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Soft Boots (2 points)
You see soft boots that is brand-new.
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Special Armor (15 points)
Absorve 15% de todos os danos. Aumenta 10 em todos os skills e 10 no ml.
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Special Axe (15 points)
You see the Hells axe (Atk:500, Def:50).
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Special Legs (15 points)
You see special legs (club fighting +20, sword fighting +20, axe fighting +20, distance fighting +20, shielding +20, magic level +10, protection physical +15%, energy +15%, earth +15%, fire +15%, mana drain +15%, ice +15%, holy +15%, death +20%, speed +50). It can only be wielded properly by players of level 40 or higher.
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Special Boots (15 points)
Absorve 5% de todos os danos. Aumenta 10 em todos os skills e 5 no ml. Corre 4x mais r�pido que boh e cura o dobro da soft boots.
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Special Shield (15 points)
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Special Sword (15 points)
You see the Hells sword (Atk:500, Def:100).
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Special Bow (15 points)
Range:8, Atk +20, Hit% +60
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Hells Arrow (15 points)
08:54 You see a Hells arrow. It weighs 0.70 oz Attack: 500
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Special Backpack (10 points)
Hells Backpack - 100 Espaços na BP
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Firewalker Boots (15 points)
Absorve 20% todos os danos !
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Special Club (15 points)
You see the Hells club (Atk:500, Def:100).
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Scroll Of Addons (10 points)
Todos os Addons FULL.
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Special Hat (15 points)
Absorve 10% de todos os danos. Aumenta 10 em todos os skills e 10 no ml.
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100 Crystal Coins (1 points)
1 kk.
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Special Wand (15 points)
Hells Wand - Min: 6000 Max: 15000 Sorcerer, Druids
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Hells Ring (5 points)
Com esse Ring você ganha +30k de life e +20k de mana.
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Exp. Potion (1 points)
Dobre a sua XP por 30 minutos.
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3030 Days VIP (10 points)
30 Dias Vip account
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Change Name (10 points)
trocar Nome do seu PERSONAGEM
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Remover Red Skull (1 points)
S tira o skull, os frags continuam.
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UnbanUnban (5 points)
Desbanir Sua ACCOUNT
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